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About Us

BridgeNet is the City of New Westminster’s dark fibre utility.

Reliable & affordable high-speed internet service

BridgeNet provides New Westminster residents and businesses greater access to reliable, affordable high-speed internet services and improves choices by enabling more Internet Service Providers who can offer digital services in the community.

BridgeNet leases unused capacity in the City’s carrier-grade fibre optic network to Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and telecommunication companies who in turn offer high speed internet, phone, TV/video services to local business and multi-family residential customers at some of the best rates in the country. With affordable and readily available high-speed broadband services, the City is equipped to attract more innovative companies and knowledge workers to the community, helping businesses of all sizes to compete in today’s global digital economy.

BridgeNet was launched in 2016 as part of the City’s Intelligent City initiative. Having a reliable and robust fibre network infrastructure is critical to facilitating economic development and attracting new talents and industries to New Westminster.

Experience the Difference

Fibre Internet
1000 Mbps
DSL Connection
25 Mbps
0 X

Fibre optic internet enables businesses and residents to access cloud data and real-time applications seamlessly

Instantaneous Collaboration

Improved Digital Experience

Real Time Communications

Why Fibre?

Fibre can easily carry digital information over long distances, and is much faster than traditional copper wire services. With fibre, downloads and uploads occur simultaneously with no reduction in speed, creating the ideal environment for cloud access, big data, real-time applications, and heavy file transfers.

Are you an Internet Service Provider?

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