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ISP Orientation Kit

Welcome aboard to BridgeNet, Connecting New West!

As a BridgeNet Internet Service Provider, you’ve joined a thriving and growing community, with a strong network of knowledge workers and businesses.

As a lessee, you have access to over 66 kilometres of dark fibre and over 170 sites that are already on-, near-, or planned-net. As an ISP ready to connect New Westminster with BridgeNet, the city is here to support you.

If you have any technical questions, please do not hesitate to contact Phil Kotyk; for sales and marketing questions, please reach out to Jen Arbo, both of whom can be reached at: or 604-521-3711.

In this orientation package you will find:

  • Link to the active development projects that are on the go in the city.
  • Mayor’s letter of introduction.
  • Link to the City’s open data.
  • Marketing and sales information on BridgeNet.
  • Contact information form for you to complete.

Projects on The Go

Stay up-to-date on the development activity in New Westminster by visiting the Planning and Development page:

On the Projects-on-the-Go webpage, you will have access to major improvement and consultation projects, including private development and City-led projects.

Mayor’s Letter of Introduction

New Westminster Open Data

The City of New Westminster provides access to open data to anyone that’s interested. The datasets are sourced directly from the City of New Westminster Departments and can be tabular (tables of data) or spatial (based on mapping files). Through these data you can learn more about New Westminster’s businesses, lands and development, community to assist you in planning, forecasting, reviewing historical information, validating ideas and much more to help you promote your digital services.

Marketing and Sales Information

  • BridgeNet is New Westminster’s open access dark fibre network.
  • There is currently over 66 km of dark fibre laid in the City.
  • BridgeNet is currently available in multi-dwelling residential buildings and commercial developments in the Brewery District, Downtown, Uptown, Victoria Hill, Queensborough and Quayside. To find out if your building is ready to connect with BridgeNet, visit and search your address.
  • Fibre connections are 40 times faster than your typical DSL connection. That means with 1 gigabit per second, you could expect to download an entire HD movie in 25 seconds, or 25 songs in one second.
  • There is no cost to the building developer or strata to be connected to BridgeNet.
  • The City of New Westminster does not offer services to the end-user. To get connected the end-user needs to contact an Internet Service Provider.
  • Allowing BridgeNet in your development or building is an ideal way to ensure future occupants have access to some of the fastest and most competitively priced high-speed internet, phone and TV services in the country. The Building Owners and Managers Association of British Columbia encourages its members to accommodate multiple telecom services providers in their premises in order to enable more competition.
Additional BridgeNet and Intelligent New West marketing materials such as videos are available, please ask! 

Glossary of terms

  • On-net: connected and live! Buildings that are “on-net” are exactly that: on the net. This means Internet Service Providers can connect you to BridgeNet at your request.
  • Near-net: Close, but not quite. There’s still some work to do to connect building to BridgeNet, but the cable is available in the ground nearby so that the last bit can get done. Contact one of the Internet Service Providers to express interest, and possibly your property management.
  • Planned: This connection has been identified in our phased approach to building out BridgeNet and it’s in the works at some point. A number of factors can move a connection from “Planned” to “Near-net” with some ease: a new development, utility work that needs to happen, and others.

Status of Buildings in New Westminster

For an up to date list of planned, on- and near-net dark fibre locations in New Westminster, please email Phil Kotyk at

ISP Contacts

To ensure the City of New Westminster can best support our Internet Service Providers’ needs, our team needs to have an accurate list of contacts. We will only contact you if we have important information to share about BridgeNet fibre.

Senior Management Contacts

Sales and Marketing Contacts

Technical Contacts

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